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Do you believe in Fairies?

Ever since I was very little I have always been fascinated with little things. Included in that was Water Babies and Fairies. My sister Carolyn and I had a wonderful time imagining these little people and they were very real to us, in that child's world.

As I grew up I realized that alas, they were not real! But I still think of them, and the fun we used to have.

Since then I have made minature fairies. They are almost as much fun to make as it was imagining them.

So this is a page for the young at heart! Inside us all is a little child, wishing that indeed,

Fairies were real!

Enjoy the pictures and imagine you are a child again!

I see you hiding in the flowers there, trying not to be seen!
The fairies stayed anyway, even though they knew you were here!

I hope you enjoyed your visit come again soon .

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