More Waterbabies!

I know there used to be children in the water, and mermaids too, and mermen. Isaw them all in a picture at home, of a beautiful lady sailing in a car drawn bydolphins, and babies flying round her, and one sitting in her lap; and themermaids swimming and playing, and the merman trumpeting on conch shells;and it is called The Triumph of Galatea; and there is a burning mountain in thepicture behind. It hangs on the great staircase, and I have looked at it ever since Iwas a baby, and dreamt about it a hundred times; and it is ever so beautiful, thatmust be true."

Ellie, of Charles Kingsley's Water Babies

I just know if we keep looking, we will find those waterbabies.

I think I see one now!

There I told you we would find them!

Here come some more

Some are playing with the dolphins

Let's get a little closer.

They sure are having a great time!

These ones are having whale rides!

Wasn't that fun?

You'll have to come back

and see them again sometime.


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