Victoria Day is a day that commemorates the birthday of Queen Victoria on May 24, 1819.

The British have always celebrated the birthday of the ruling monarch. After Queen Victoria's death, the people continued to celebrate her birthday to show loyalty to the British Empire. In the early 1890's this day was known as Empire's Day. In 1947 the day's name was changed to Commonwealth Day.

Today the day is celebrated in Canada as Victoria Day.

Victoria Day is celebrated in Canada on the Monday prior to May 25th each year. It is the official celebration in Canada of the birthdays of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Victoria Day was established as a holiday in Canada West (Now Ontario) in 1845, and became a national holiday in 1901. Before Victoria Day became a national Holiday, people had celebrated Empire Day , beginning in the 1890s as Victoria approached her Diamond jubilee in 1897. Victoria, queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India was born on 24 May 1819. She ascended the throne after the death of her uncle George IV in 1837 when she was only 18. She ruled until her death in 1901 when her son Edward the VII became king of England.

Victoria Day is celebrated here in Canada with fireworks